Immigration & Acculturation

Whether you have immigrated to the US from another country or just moved across state lines to Southern California, there are challenges that often arise when attempting to find your place in such a big, diverse, and sprawling urban area. For many clients, outward values of LA culture clash with the traditions of their culture-of-origin, creating a sense of loneliness, isolation and/or internal conflict. Building personal friendships or finding a romantic relationship in a city with six million people may feel like an impossible task.

Challenges surrounding acculturation can also be reawakened many years after a person has acclimated to the life in LA. A visit to a home town, a random meet up with people from the old world, or an experience of having children who are growing up in the US and who are rejecting clients’ values can all trigger feelings that have been believed to have been fully dealt with in the past.